The genuine home sharing community redesigned
based on blockchain technology

The decentralized booking and autonomous property management platform
for vacation rental and the home sharing economy.
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Hardware: The world’s first real keyless door look.

Blockchain-based Smart Lock

The biggest challenge and hidden danger of smart locks is security.

For the hardware part, the cylinder in the lock allows the locksmith or thieve to open the door lock easily, it is just a matter of time, depending on the grade of the cylinder. For the software part, a central door lock management system means that once the server is hacked, hackers will acquire the control rights of all the door locks at zero cost. This would be a catastrophic event.

PopulStay, however, developed the world's first genuine, keyless, blockchain-based smart lock and its associated chips.The door locks are managed through a smart contract. The owner of the door lock can determine, who can use the door lock and access the property during which period, and the user of the door lock needs to confirm the transaction of the door lock with a smart phone and gets authenticated first.

We are convinced that smart locks will revolutionize the sharing economy and even become the infrastructure for the future economy.

Non Blockchain-based Door Lock Design

Blockchain-based Door Lock Design

Software: The home sharing economy redesigned using blockchain.


No middleman

Popular vacation rental or home sharing platforms established trust by being the dependable middleman to connect the host and guest. Using the blockchain technology, the decentralized platform is able to connect host and guest with transparency, fairness and trust without the need of middlemen and the hefty transaction fees they charge.

Operate more efficiently

Publishing a listing on our platform takes less than ten minutes, but operating a listing takes efforts. In order to make it hassle-free, we integrate qualified third party providers for cleaning, key exchange, professional photo shooting, interior design and dynamic pricing to work for you in a decentralized and autonomous way.

Defined by smart contract

Host and guest payment, guest dispute, additional service fee, property management fee – all these payments are defined my smart contracts. No manual override, no cash payment for booking. More trust and more efficiency.

Direct talk and video chat

Communication through our platform becomes as easy as it could be by connecting host and guest through call or video chat within seconds. This way allows the parties to clarify questions or take a live view of the property. By connecting to each other the platforms tokens are used and automatically deducted.


Decentralized home sharing community across Tokyo, Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai and Paris.



Third-party Services


  • Cleaning & Washing
  • Photo Shooting
  • Smart ioT Gadgets
  • Smart Pricing
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Interior Design


  • Transportation
  • Emergency Support
  • AI Chatbot
  • Local Guide
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Tourist
Team Member

Road Map
Contact us
  • Walter Wang Yue
  • walter@populstay.com
  • +65 83381130

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